San Gimignano

San Gimignano is about 40 KM from the B&B La Piazzetta.
The foundry of this city goes back in very ancient times, infact the first historical document witch attest yhe name of the city, was dated on the 30th of August 929.

Following the tradition, the name of the city was proclaimed in onor of the bishop of Modena, that saved the village from the occupy of Attila’s force.

San Gimignano is near Siena and for its characteristic medieval architecture was declared humanity patrimony of the UNESCO, it is for sure one the best examples in Europe of the urban organizzation in the municipal age.

San Gimignano is famous especially for its medieval towers that still show off in its landscape.
From its 72 towers  that existed in the municipal age, today only remain 16 of them.

The most ancient tower in San Gimignano is the Torre Rognosa, which is tall about 51 metres and the tallest one is the Torre del Podestà, also renamed Torre Grossa, 54 Metres tall.

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